Pest Control for Hotel Operators

Guests come to your property to relax, unwind, have some fun and get some rest. But nothing can disrupt that experience quicker than those all too familiar unwelcome guests – pests.

Pest Management, Inc., recently featured on the Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible,” helps hotel operators and risk management professionals wipe out any pest problem that shows up. We have years of experience expertly treating pests of all kind, from roaches to rodents, from bats to bed bugs – an increasingly common issue for hotels, and one that can linger and grow quickly if not handled properly.

Beyond pest control treatment, Pest Management, Inc.’s services can help hospitality properties prevent pest issues from ever becoming a problem – a goal all too important in the world of online reviews. It only takes one pest stopping by to ruin a guest’s experience and harm a hotel’s online reputation.

Managing Bed Bugs

As seen on “Hotel Impossible,” our highly trained team of bed bug detection dogs can sniff out the sneaky insects – quickly finding as few as a single bug hidden in a room. When used as a regular, routine weapon against bed bugs, these skilled canine bed bug detectors can help stop an infestation in its tracks, or they can help rapidly locate and confirm a suspected problem.

If bed bugs are found, our team can quickly manage the issue with organic treatment methods like thermal heat treatment or Cryonite, a freezing treatment. These chemical-free bed bug fighting methods greatly help reduce downtime, keeping businesses up and running longer while destroying bed bugs completely.

Prevention & Other Services

We also provide a range of other services, including pest exclusion, consulting services, staff education, Integrated Pest Management plans aimed at comprehensive prevention and germicidal services that help keep spaces clean and sanitary. And our Bed Bug Protection Policies work like an insurance policy to help protect you financially in case of an infestation.

The hospitality industry is built around providing safe, clean and enjoyable environments for guests. Let Pest Management, Inc. help make sure that pest control issues don’t disrupt this goal and sideline your business. Call us today to learn more!