Residential Services

As a homeowner, you’ve invested a lot of time, money and care into your home. Keeping your family safe and your home free of unwanted pests is an important part of enjoying your investment. Pests can spread disease and generate discomfort, all while causing major damage to a home’s structure. As a family-owned company, we understand how important it is to keep pests out and keep your home comfortable and enjoyable for your family and friends.

Pest Management, Inc. has been serving families just like yours since we opened our doors in 1957. Throughout the years we’ve developed an extensive range of services to protect homes from the damaging influence of pests. No matter what your pest management needs are, we are sure to have an effective solution for you. Our residential pest control options range from simple evaluations by experts to regular residential service plans that mean you’ll never have to worry again about pests.

Give us a call today and our expert team will work with you to figure out the right pest control plan for your unique home, family and needs. Perhaps you need a one-time visit to address a minor or major pest issue that is happening right now. Maybe your home is newly built or newly purchased and you want to develop a long-term plan for preventing future infestations. Or maybe you would benefit from a residential service plan that will provide regular visits from our team and provide constant assurance that your home is protected.

Our service plans can be molded to fit your needs and could include monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services. These plans can be focused on specific problem pests that are a trouble for your home, including rodents, ants and roaches, while also casting a wide net to protect against a variety of pest intruders.

All of our residential service plans are guaranteed. If a pest does make an unwanted (and unexpected) visit between services, Pest Management, Inc. will return to handle the problem at no extra charge to you.

Call us today and one of our friendly pest control technicians will be happy to discuss the great options Pest Management, Inc. offers for keeping your home pest free.