Baiting Systems

There is no one size fits all approach for managing termites. There are many different available treatments, and the best solution for you can depend on a lot of factors, including the structure of your residential or commercial property and the location of termite nests.

Our team of experts at Pest Management, Inc. will work with you to determine the termite control method that will work best on your property. One commonly used and effective method is termite baits. We offer comprehensive termite baiting services that are non-invasive and use minimal amounts of chemical substances to effectively control termite populations.

Termite baiting systems combine palatable food for termites, like paper and cardboard, and a substance that is toxic to the insects. The substance used is slow-acting, but lethal to the bugs.

The baits are installed either below the ground in cylindrical plastic stations or above ground near the termites’ mud tubes – structures termites build for protection and transportation on buildings, foundation walls, support piers, and slabs.

Foraging termites will easily come into contact with the baits. Finding the food irresistible, they will eat the bait and take it to the nest to share with the other termites in the colony. Since the lethal substance is slow-acting, baiting provides time for the foraging termites to spread the substance around. This will result in a gradual decline of the termite population.

Some customers prefer the baiting method over the use of liquid termiticides, which involve an injection of chemicals directly into the ground surrounding a home or building.

At Pest Management, Inc., we can help you choose the best method of termite control for your home or business, then execute that method with skill, precision, and friendly service.