The best approach for controlling termites can vary from home to home and building to building. The experienced team at Pest Management, Inc. will help guide you through the treatment process and options, while using their expertise to consider factors like the size of the termite infestation, location of the colony, life cycles of the insects, the environment around your home and structural properties of the building.

Our team will make recommendations and inform you of the different options available as we create an effective termite treatment plan for your residential or commercial property. Two of the most commonly used treatment methods are liquid termiticides and termite baits.

Liquid Termiticides

Liquid termiticides are a stand-by method that has been used for years to effectively control these pests. The termiticides are applied directly into the soil to create a long-lasting chemical barrier between termites in the earth and your home or business. Not only does this method prevent new termites from entering the building, it also typically leads to the demise of termites already in a structure’s walls, as they are unable to return to the soil.

Liquid termiticides, when applied by a professional, typically protect a building from the insects for at least five years. However, factors like the size of an area’s termite population and environmental factors around the building can reduce the effectiveness of this treatment method.

Termite Baits

Termite baits are created by combining food attractive to termites – like paper and cardboard – and a chemical that is slow-acting, but lethal to termites. By installing the baits around the building – both above and below ground – foraging termites will come into contact with the bait materials, and share the supply with the rest of the colony. Over time, this will lead to a destruction of the colony as more and more termites are exposed and die off.

The helpful, knowledgeable team at Pest Management, Inc. can help you navigate different termite treatment methods, like liquid termiticides and termite baits, as well as pre-treatment methods that can be used to protect new homes.

Contact us today to discuss the options for ridding your property of these damaging bugs.